Just Your Average Hiker Meal Planning

Hiker Hunger

My PCT Thru-hike Preparation

  • 90% analyzing gear
  • 9% watching vlogs of other people hiking the PCT
  • 1% calculating food and water resupply
  • 0% learning navigational skills and how to read a topographic map

Sitting at the summit of Mount Whitney, the tallest peak in the contiguous United States. I’ll be there again sometime in June, 2021.

The Final Countdown

  • Hike SOBO?
  • Hike NOBO and obtain section specific permits as needed?
  • Hike another trail entirely, like the CDT?
  • Drive my wife insane by cancelling and talking about the PCT for another year? (Not the best option)

SOBO Alternate

What is SOBO?

  1. NOBO (Northbound) Hikers: You must complete the Southern Sierra section from Kennedy Meadows South to Sonora Pass, in a continuous hike within 35 days. There are no…

In transit from Da Nang > Miami

Daniel Gerken

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